Unity & Peace

In the first year I arrived in Istanbul, I heard this beautiful old Turkish folk musical piece “Bülbülüm Altın Kafeste”. It was the favorite song of the father of Turkey "Atatürk" my friends said. A song about a nightingale in a Golden cage. I felt similar to this little bird. A singing nightingale..only my cage is not made of Gold. This bird will follow me in my 3 years journey in Turkey. (More about this little bird on my Album) Maybe my timing to live in Turkey in 2015 was not perfect. Because of the political tensions. I easily had the choice to go back to leave the country.  But I decided to stay no matter what happens. I couldn't let the fear of these regular terrorist attacks we witnessed in 2016 to win over me.
In times of fear, we search for strength and beauty in life. And one night, I came across the poem "Ahbabtuki Morghaman" of the late Palestinian-American poet “Mahmoud Darwish”. A poem that talks about the real beauty that you can not see with your eyes. But can only be seen from within. And while I was reading this poem that night, I was humming the melody of the Turkish Nightingale song at the same time..

With the Israeli band 'ANNA RF' performing the song "AJI" In  Arabic/Hebrew/English. The video was shot In Istanbul,Turkey.  

A song performed by Teema and the Israeli artist Noam In Arabic And Hebrew. The video was shot Live in the Amsterdam Synagogue, The Netherlands.


'A song for SYRIA'

I went Jordan to give music workshops to Syrian and Palestinian child refugees at the unrwa Marka refugee camps and at the Zaatari village camp in Jordan.  I included "Art workshop" for children to paint their message's they would like to share with the children of the world.  I got inspired by the strength of these innocent children and their strong messages. Leaving them behind in the camps and with their hope to see Peace one day. It was my artistic obligation to give these children a voice. So I wrote and composed the song "Syria" in English and Arabic.